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Available for iOS and Android devices from InshaAllah 15th Shaban 1444

Learn Without Being Dependent on Social Media

How do you currently access Islamic content? Facebook? Instagram? YouTube? WhatsApp? All these platforms have built-in distractions. They are designed to indulge you with the catchiest content rather than the best content. With Thaqlain’s app, you are back in power!

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All Content Types. Organised!

Whether you like to watch full-length lectures, enjoy reading, or are a fan of content that is under 90 seconds, Thaqlain App will have all forms of content organised by themes, topics and tags.

Series & Videos
Series & Videos

Binge-watch highly inspiring and knowledgeable videos.


Content under 90 seconds—delivered fresh


Read blogs that draw knowledge from valuable lectures and books.


Our most loved content type; get key information in less than 10 images.


More learning
Less distraction

No Ads & Clickbaits
No Ads or Click-baits

When we say less distraction, we mean it. Which means we won’t be featuring any native advertisement to spoil your viewing experience. Because while we do want you to spend maximum time with this app, we want you to do it geniunely.

Powerful Explore Tab
Powerful Explore Tab

If there is one section of our app we have worked tirelessly on, it is the Explore Tab. You’ll be thrilled to find various content types organised into categories and subcategories for the first time on an Islamic learning app.

A Dynamic Home
A Dynamic Home

Birthday of the Holy Prophet? The Home Tab will showcase the most relevant content for it! 15th Shaban? Just open the Thaqlain App. World Environment Day? Where do you get Islam’s perspective on it? You guessed it right: The Thaqlain App!

From The Team Trusted By Scholars

Eminent English-speaking scholars of the School of Ahlulbayt have endorsed and appreciated Thaqlain. We take pride in working closely with our scholars as we believe they are the custodians of Ahlulbayt’s knowledge in the absence of our Imam (ajtf).


Sponsor A Line Of Code

We aim to redefine how we consume Islamic content. And while bigger goals need bigger support, we want every lover of Ahlulbayt to be a part of this initiative. You can donate $1 for 1 line of code. Or more. Each dollar will help you and others learn the pure teachings of the Quran and Ahlulbayt through a dedicated learning app.

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Filled with the love of Holy Prophet & His Family

18th Zilhajj 1443

Work on UI/UX initiated

17th Rabi (I) 1444

Beginning of development

15th Shaban 1444

App Launch


Will Thaqlain App be free to use?

Completely! No paywalls. No ads. Like every other initiative by Thaqlain, this will be developed and operated through the support of people like you.

Can I give my Khums? Do you have Ijaza?

We are trying our level best not to take Ijaza for religious obligatory funds. We believe that we can sustain ourselves as a community-run initiative where individuals like you support us because they understand the importance of the work we are doing.

Do I get tax benefits if I donate to Thaqlain?

Not yet. Our teams are working towards it but it will take some time. Expect it some time in the next year Insha’Allah.

On what technology will Thaqlain develop this app?

We have shortlisted a well-established development agency for this task. This app will be executed on Flutter (the software development kit by Google). Rest assured, this app will be the finest of its category, like our other initiatives.

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